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Winner winner chicken dinner!

As I was perusing The USA Today this morning to see if anything happened while I was sleeping (no, Sandra Bullock did not pretend to be engaged to me then secretly fall in love with my brother) I noticed that there are a LOT of those end of the year top 20 roundup lists out there: top 20 celebrity "oops"; top 37 iPad apps; top 48 zombie destinations.

So you can imagine my delight when I opened my email and found out that one of my patterns was voted by people's choice, to be in the top 98 crochet patterns of the year!!

Click on this link:  All Free Crochet 2012 Top 98 and look for the list of Home Decor items, mine is the Monet Afghan!! How exciting. Now if only we could alert The USA Today people so I could see the headline on my smart phone. That would be the best. day. EVAH!

Here's a pic of the afghan:

Join me live!

This morning I will be a guest on the FaveCraftsRadio program along with Vickie Howell and Michael Sellick. I hope you will join us!

And if you missed the show you can download it on iTunes!  

Click here for more information: Drew on FaveCraftsRadio! 

Flaunt It Jenny!

My friend Jenny King has been VERY busy designing a fantastic book of crochet designs using Noro brand yarns! In case you're unfamiliar with Noro it's that amazing yarn from Japan that changes colors in the most unexpected way! You can be going along, minding your own business crocheting with browns, green, blue, then BAM fuschia comes out of the skein without warning. 

I love it.

Here is the cover Jenny's book Fashions to Flaunt Crochet With Noro Yarns

What impressed me the most is that Jenny was able to take yarn that changes color and come up with designs that not only look good, but look good in multi-colors.

That is so much harder than you would think.

Her designs skills are top notch, and are showcased in 17 garments and accessories. The book also has clear illustrations and a metric conversion chart. I really love the photography too; Annies did such a great job capturing the beauty and richness of the Noro colors. Nicely done.

Here are a few of my favorite designs (click each for biggie views):

Click here for more information: Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted With Noro Yarns

Here are some accessory books that I've come up with:


Giveaway? Of course!!!

I'm not giving away one book. Not even two books. Not even three books. I will be selecting three lucky winners (via random drawing) to receive a copy of Jenny's book AND a skein of Noro Silk Garden super fine (sock) weight yarn (13/4 oz/110 yds/50g per ball) #341 plum/mustard/tomato/tangerine which is enough yarn to complete the popular Bobble Scarf featured in the book!!

To enter, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite color combination is! Contest will end this Friday (December 7th, 2012).

Purse Handles As They Should Be

A lot of people ask me what my inspiration is for my product line, and I know I should say something esoteric or deeply philosophical. 

I should.

But the truth is I push to develop items for my product line that I wish I had available to me. Because if the world doesn't give you what you want, you have to create it out of thin air.

Take purse handles, for example. I love to design purses, it's just one of those things that really gets my design brain into over-drive. But, and here is the motivation, the purse handles I could find at the craft store were never quite what I needed. I like to crochet around the purse handle so that it matches perfectly. The best option I could find were bamboo handles, but when you crocheted around them there were all those bumps showing through. 

Drove. me. crazy.

So I developed purse handles that are great for crafting. They are clear so that only the yarn color shows. And they are smooth, so that there are no unsightly bumps in the final project!


Both of these styles are available at all Michael's Stores in the USA and Canada, and you can order them online here: 

But Wait, There's More!!

So I also went ahead and created a couple of free patterns to get you started. Click on the photos below to go download them!


This blog post has been brought to you by the incomparable Margot Potter, who has put together this great Blog Hop! And to celebrate a half-week of shameless self-promotion we are having a great giveaway, and there are multiple chances of winning!!

Chance A - each blogger that is participating is giving away a copy of Margot's new e-book The Fine Art of Shameless Self-promotion!! 

So to enter on my site leave a comment below - winners will be drawn via random number generator.

Chance B - Madge herself is giving away a craftacular prize package worth $150! Boogie on over to her site and see how to enter there:  Margot Potter - color outside of the lines...

Good luck, contest ends this Friday!

Clever Crocheted Accessories book review

Brett Bara has pulled together some really interesting crocheted accessories, clever you may even say, with her latest book Clever Crocheted Accessories (Interweave Press 2012). And just in time for the holiday gift giving season! Well played Ms. Bara, well played!  

Clever Crocheted Accessories

Brett asked me to submit a design for this book and I was eager to jump right on it. She wanted me to do a necklace and since I'm kinda obsessed with crocheted jewelry right now (I'm teaching a class on it at STITCHES West in February if you're interested click here: Crochet Jewelry Class With Drew) I jumped right on the chance. 

The concept was to use key rings connected then crochet over them. Here is what it looked like before the crocheting had started:

And then after:

I very much like the variety of projects that Brett pulled together for this book, and for once the title really does convey what is throughout the book because these designs are indeed clever. Here are a few of my favorites (click for biggy view):

The all-star roster of designers includes Robyn Chachula, Doris Chan, Mari Lynn Patrick, Regina Gonzalez, Linda Permann, Kristin Omdahl, Ellen Gormley, Cal Patch, Pamela Wynne, Linda Cyr, and Vickie Howell.

This description by the publisher sums it up pretty well:

The ideal curator, Brett shares a first-rate lineup of projects. Whether you are a beginner or experienced crocheter, there is something for everyone: hats and caps, including a cloche, porkpie hat, and tam; scarves, shawls, and cowls, from chunky to drapey to snug; eye-catching mittens and arm warmers; delicate lace socks and cozy man-slippers; flirty bags; and sparkly jewelry. Each piece is designed with standout details so that even the simplest pattern has that “wow” factor by showcasing lust-worthy yarn, an unexpected technique, or a fun embellishment. Techniques you'll discover include Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace, and Bruges lace.

Click here for more information: Clever Crocheted Accessories edited by Brett Bara

Here are some accessory books that I've come up with:



And because giveaways are just plain fun, the nice folks at Interweave Press have offered up a free copy of Clever Crocheted Accessories! So to enter, please leave a comment below telling me about the most clever thing that YOU ever crocheted! Be sure to enter your email addy so that I can contact you when you win! Hurry I will be selecting the winner via a random number generator on Friday, November 30th!

Step It Up - book review

The gift giving season is upon us and you know what that means!? It's time to quit messing around and get down to fibery business. 

This is my friend Vickie Howell and she is prepared to help you out:

Vickie Howell and Drew Emborsky

Because her latest book has just been released and it's amazing!

Step It Up Knits

Vickie has pulled together a great selection of super cute projects that will help you upgrade your knitting skills. With 25 gorgeous projects from cabled wrist warmers to slouchy beanies, lacy headbands, and cozy cowls, the book is filled with projects that are small enough to take on the go and whip up in just a weekend.  The step-by-step photographs, detailed instructions, helpful diagrams, and inspiring project shots make it easy to follow along. 

This book is wonderful for both beginner knitters who want to improve their skills, and also not-so-beginner knitters who want to indulge in Vickie's amazing design sensibility!

Here are a few of my favorite projects form the book (click for bigger view):

Remember, you don't have to make these projects to give as gifts, you can also give the book! Maybe the lucky knitter recipient will make you one of the projects (a little sticky note next to your favorite with the word "hint" on it wouldn't hurt). It's a win- win!

Click here for more info:  Step It Up Knits by Vickie Howell

Don't Forget It's Movember!

Movember kitty wants you to be sure to check out my Movember page and see how you can support men's health!  


I finally jumped in and joined Movember this year. What is Movember you ask? It's the month in which bros from all over the world shave their faces on November 1st, and grow a manly moustache throughout the month of November to raise awareness (and cash) for men's health issues. This video by Mike of Portland pretty much sums it up:

What Can You Do?

If you're a bro, then join in (it's not too late!). Go to the Movember site and sign up, and you can join the team that I'm on too! 

Or if you're a sis (or a bro who can't grow a moustache) you can go to my page and make a donation.

How To Grow A Proper Moustache

And if you're curious on how to grow a moustache, please watch this informative video from Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) to get started. It can be very helpful for everyone.

Oh yeah, one last thing, if you are on Ravelry, come show your support by joining the Movember group (free membership to Ravelry required).

Here is where I am at. 

Ready for Movember.

I accidentally didn't shave off the three day stubble under my nose which gave me a bit of a head start, although I'm not going to beat myself up for cheating just a tiny bit. It's for charity for crying out loud.

And besides, I want to grow a proper Ron Swanson so even three day's stubble can up my odds of success.

And the winner is...

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in my recent Pin It To Win It contest! Lots of entries helped spread the word via Pinterest about my product line and The Crochet Dude. It means a lot to me that so many of you would help out by entering!!  Each of the three winners will receive a complete set of my new ergonomic crochet hooks!

The winners were chosen by random number generator and are:  Kendra M., Sheila B., and Patti V.!! 

I have emailed each of you asking for your shipping address, please respond asap! I have all your hooks right here!!

Crafty weekends rule!

Getting ready for a crafty weekend? What a coincidence, me too!! I have a bunch of crocheting lined up for the weekend using some amazing yarns!! I'm working with some Fiesta Yarns, Lorna's Laces, Buffalo Wool Co., Decadent Fibers, just to name a few! 

Even if you don't plan to crochet or knit, here are some fun crafty things that I've found around the Internet Machine to help keep you busy!

The princess turns into Victor Frankenstein as she stitches together more toys.

Eileen has some tips on how to avoid lead components when planning a children's beading party.  

Carmi has a great post explaining how resin can be also a great glue and glaze!  

Cherie creates a new mixed media picture.  

This week at Craftside there are some fun photos of yarn bombed cairns, drawing in sand, salt and sugar ideas and tutorials on how to draw the cubs from the Pixar movie Brave and a how to make gum paste or fondant picks from the book The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating. 

Halos of Hope

I have put my head of hair on the chopping block for a good cause! In an effort to help raise money for Halos of Hope I have agreed to have my hair shaved if by the end of this campaign I don't have enough votes! 

People, we cannot let this happen!

Have you heard of Halos of Hope? Here is a little description from the founder Pam:

Whether you’re male or female, you probably have heard the sound of the clippers.  It's a buzzing sound.  When you hear it as a cancer patient, you suddenly face the reality that your hair is going; then it's gone.  You're really sick.  Especially for a woman, being bald puts a shiny, flesh-colored sign on your head that says, "I HAVE CANCER."

I am a survivor.  Cancer-free for eight years now.  Over five years ago, I started Halos of Hope to provide comfort and dignity to those dealing with hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation.  Through the generosity of knitters and crocheters everywhere, we’ve sent out more than 72,000 hats.  Our biggest challenge though, is shipping hats to over 450 cancer centers nationwide.  Shipping is our single, largest annual expense.

You can vote for your favorite man to “Save” or “Shave” by donating to Halos of Hope. Online voting starts today, and will continue through October 13, 2012 at noon.  He who has the most votes loses—his hair, that is, and will be professionally and publicly shaved on the STITCHES East Market stage, to support those who lose their hair in fighting ‘the Big C’.

I'm counting on you to help Team Crochet Dude!!!

All proceeds go to Halos of Hope to help send hats to comfort cancer victims!

Also: feel free to snatch that badge for Team Crochet Dude and help spread the word!! I need all the help I can get! It gets cold in October!!

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